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Deposits are required on most estimates before care can continue.          Cash or credit cards may be used for deposits, but checks are not accepted.   With CareCredit, deposits must be applied to the account on the day of arrival, and the balance can be posted to the CareCredit account at discharge, provided adequate credit line remains.                                             ESTIMATES ARE ONLY 'GOOD' FOR THE MOMENT THEY ARE WRITTEN.  Medical conditions can change very quickly necessitating sometimes drastic changes in plan from one moment to the next.  This estimate is based on TODAY's exam only, or for phone requests for an estimate, on an owner's description.  For phoned in estimate requests, a new estimate is often necessary once we have actually examined the patient.  (Problems may be present that an owner was not aware of, or a pet's weight may be different than that reported by the owner).             For estimates made after an exam, the estimate will likely need to be modified if diagnostics or treatments are declined for today's visit, then desired later.   When recommended diagnostics and treatments are delayed, patients usually worsen (become dehydrated, etc.) requiring an even more aggressive and extensive approach the following day or days after.            Tumors for instance, grow and spread quickly, and today's estimate will not apply even a week from now.  An estimate for a simple dental cleaning for tartar today can expand to involve treatment for dental infections that have arisen between the day the estimate was made and the actual dental cleaning procedure.  An estimate for a vomiting dog may need to be expanded to include IV fluids for dehydration that developed between the first and follow-up visits.                    The estimate will change if problems are found on diagnostics or if there is an inadequate response to initial treatment attempts.  We reserve the right to modify this estimate at any time. 
The first estimate usually  represents the doctor's best recommendations based on your pet's current condition.  Be advised that declining one or more of the services may adversely affect our ability to successfully diagnose and treat your pet.  Diagnostic and treatment recommendations may change, sometimes drastically, as results of tests become known, and/or as new symptoms develop.  Just as in human medicine, rarely can a diagnosis be made with an examination alone.  Detective work (diagnostic tests, observation over time for response or lack of response to treatment attempts) eventually narrows down the possible causes of illness and better enables us to more precisely diagnose and properly treat your pet.  Referral to specialists can be arranged at any time if you desire. 

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